International Recognition
  • 2023 Oct: John B. Winfield, MD. Visiting Scholar, University of North Carolina. Each year, the John B. Winfield, MD Visiting Scholar Award recognizes an outstanding, nationally known investigator who has made significant contributions to the advancement of research in the fields of rheumatology and arthritis research.
  • 2013 Oct: Jane Bruckel Award, Clinician Scientist, Spondylitis Association of America, United States. (Distinction, Specialty: Rheumatology) Awarded to a person who is likely to drive the field forward. Awarded for contributions to the care and understanding of patients with spondyloarthritis.
  • 2011: Basic Science Award, CRA/MCR Joint Congress, Mexico. (Research Award)
  • 2010: Best Scientific Paper, International Spondyloarthritis Congress, Belgium. (Research Award)
  • 2009: Marie Curie Grant, Translational Research in Pediatric Rheumatology. (Distinction)
  • 2007: Fellow, Clinical Immunology Society, Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Distinction) Selected as a fellow in the CIS School in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (one among 25 selected worldwide).
  • 2007: Travel Award, European League Against Rheumatism, Barcelona, Spain. (Distinction) For EULAR Congress 2007.
  • 2006: International Scholarship, Japan College of Rheumatology. (Distinction)
National Recognition
  • 2016: Young Investigator Award 2016, Canadian Rheumatology Association, Canada. (Distinction, Specialty: Rheumatology) Recognition of a young Canadian investigator who has contributed significant, original research in rheumatology. No more than 7 years after being established as an independent investigator, who has performed outstanding, landmark, original research (clinical or basic science) in rheumatology as judged by peers and citations. Total Amount: 2,500 CAD
  • 2016: Young Faculty Award in Basic Science, Canadian Rheumatology Association. (Research Award) Lake Louise, Alberta. Total Amount: 1,250 CAD
  • 2014: Young Faculty Award in Basic Science, Canadian Rheumatology Association. (Research Award) Whistler, BC. Total Amount: 1,250 CAD
  • 2013: CRA/ARF Young Faculty Award, Canadian Rheumatology Association, Canada. (Research Award)
    Given for outstanding clinical research.
  • 2010: Best Overall Paper Award, Canadian Rheumatology Association, Quebec. (Research Award)
  • 2010: Vanier Scholar, Canadian Institutes of Health Research. (Distinction)
  • 2009: Best Research Paper in Basic Sciences Award, Canadian Rheumatology Association, Alberta. (Research Award)
  • 2006: Department of Biotechnology Travel Grant, Government of India. (Distinction)
  • 2006: DRA Young Investigator Award, Indian Rheumatology Association. (Research Award)
  • 2006: Travel Grant, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India. (Distinction)
  • 2005: Best Paper Award (National Conference), Lead Investigator, Association of Physicians of India, Mumbai, India. (Distinction)
  • 2004: Best Paper Award, Lead Investigator, Association of Physicians of India, Shimoga, India. (Distinction)
    Karnataka Chapter, State Conference.
Provincial Recognition
  • 2011: Best paper award (2011 Ogryzlo Day), University of Toronto. (Research Award)
  • 2011: Chisholm Memorial Fellowship, University of Toronto. (Research Award)
  • 2011: CIBC New Investigator Award, University Health Network. (Research Award) Arthritis Research Foundation.
  • 2011: Edward Christie Stevens Fellowship in Medicine, University of Toronto. (Research Award)
  • 2011: Joseph M. West Family Memorial Fund, University of Toronto. (Research Award)
  • 2011: Miriam Neveren Memorial Award, University of Toronto. (Research Award)
  • 2011: William S. Fenwick Fellowship, University of Toronto. (Research Award)
  • 2010: Henry A. Beatty Scholar, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario. (Distinction)
  • 2008: Best Paper Award (Research Day 2008), Toronto Western Research Institute. (Research Award)